What are the risks of an earthquake?

1. What is an earthquake?

Earthquakes occur when tectonic plates push against each other. The ground shakes and the buildings are damaged.

2. How can we measure and locate an earthquake?

We can measure an earthquake using a seismograph. The seismograph receives the vibrations of the earthquake and writes it on a paper.


We can “read” on the diagram the strength of the earthquake.

The Richter magnitude scale can be used to describe earthquakes.


To locate an earthquake, we use 3 seismographs. Each of them measures an area. At the intersection of the 3 areas (represented by circles) is the centre of the earthquake, the epicenter.


3. What is the influence of ground type and magnitude size in building damage?

When a building is built on bedrock it often resists well to earthquakes (strong or not).

When a building is built on a fault zone, the building has big chance to fall.


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